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AC5000 Cover Cleaning Machine

Meet the NEW AC5000 Compact and Modular Cleaning Machine that grows with the needs of your business

The AC5000 offers the same high quality you've come to expect from Havencrown at a cover cleaning capacity of 5m x 25m. The machine was built from the ground up on a brand new compact chassis using a modular ethos to better suit the needs of your business and to give a faster return on investment.

Safety, ease of use and a smaller footprint were some of the main considerations when designing this cover cleaning machine, so it has been designed that it can be positioned against a wall or back to back with a second machine and a single operative can work the controls remotely whilst they maintain the best oberservation point during the cleaning process.

Another ease of use feature is the pre-mixed detergent holding tank, filled and ready to pump the cleaning fluid through to the cover as it's lifted onto the top roller. The AC5000 also includes an integrated dryer with articulated drying knives so the finished cover is clean, dry, and ready to be folded and re-used immediately after cleaning.

The modular design of the AC5000 means it can be extended to grow with your business with after market modules, such as a filtration system that removes the detergent and recycles the water. The compact chassis now features an all new integrated drip tray with a connection for drainage or the water recycling module.

In all you get the benefits of a much larger machine in a compact form, efficient and ready to grow with the needs of your business.

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AC5000 Cover Cleaning Machine

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