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NG6000 Cover Cleaning Machine

Introducing the NEW NG-6000 with Dual Carriage Efficency for faster throughput and faster ROI, a machine specifically designed for large 6m covers up to 50 Metres with more efficient use of water and out performing our previous models. With the NEW NG-6000 you get the same excellent cleaning quality, clean and dry covers, with greater flexibility in operation.

The detergent is applied using spray nozzles as the cover is lifted from the loading table, meaning the soaking tank no longer needs to be filled helping to save on water. Depending on your application the loading table can be lifted on a gas strut supported hinge system and the tank used for soaking if required.

To make drying more effective the NG6000 employs baffles in the bottom of the wash tank which hold the cover above the water, this means the cover is only wet from clean rinsing water and can be run through again with the rinsing jets turned off if further drying is required.

The water in the cleaning tank is recycled through a filter system to remove the detergent, dirt and debris, this helps to prolong the life of your rinsing water as well as stopping dirt in the water being re-applied to the cover.

New guides have been fitted to keep the cover taught as it’s lifted from the cleaning tank, this helps reduce folding or creasing as the cover is rolled up through the dryer.

Although the NG6000 has a large capacity, it can be used in smaller spaces* as the table over the soaking tank can double up as a folding table. This means the NG6000 can be placed against obstacles such as pillars and walls whilst being operated from one side.

Havencrown machines are designed to be simple, efficient and highly reliable, so you get years of hassle free use and a fast return on investment.

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