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Company History

Havencrown is a family company dating back to 1996 when the first plans were drawn up to build a machine to wash marquee covers. The original machine that was built has evolved over many years into the HNMKIII cleaning machine we produce today and enjoys all the efficiencies and ecological improvements that modern technology has provided. 

In 2001 Steven Roy the current owner of Havencrown, became closely involved in the manufacture of the machines, and in 2013 Steven established Havencrown Marquee Cleaning Machines Ltd to take over the production, sales and servicing of Havencrown machines.

Whilst continuing to develop excellent machines HCMCM believe that by sticking to our core principals of using highly skilled engineers, quality materials and simplicity of design we produce reliable, efficient and economical machines which are exceptional value for money. 

We pride ourselves in our customer care and follow up service, which we believe is high priority for our customers and we are pleased to be able to offer a reliable and cost effective maintainance and service plan for new and existing Havencrown customers.

We are available 27/7 to help with any urgent support requirements. These can usually be resolved over the telephone.

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The new Marquee Cleaning Machine has made a massive difference to the quality of our PVC cleaning operations, reducing water usage in line with Woodhouse commitment to our ISO 14001 sustainability accreditation.

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